Monday, December 26, 2011

Katakan TAK NAK!!

Ok, entry sempena nuffnang Katakan #TAKNAK photo contest.

Azam's taknak face =)

Being a medical student, of all people, we are the ones who know the most how bad smoking could be. I wish I could list down all the risks that comes with smoking. Well, actually I did.

Unfortunately, even people who knows these risks very well still doesn't have the willpower to quit smoking. It is devastating that the ones who were to advise the patient to quit smoking, is a smoker himself. My dad is not a smoker, and I thank God for that, at least I didn't have to grow up as a passive smoker. Too bad, here in Jordan, we have all become a passive smoker even in the hospital compound! I swear sometimes I wish the water sprinkler would go off in the ladies so that the smoker would get soaked in water for smoking in hospital's toilet.

One day on my way to the hospital, a taxi driver told me he's coughing black sputum. I was alarmed, but then some research and he himself told me that it's normal for people who quit smoking to experience that. Because his lung, is clearing up! How amazing! I asked if it was hard for him to quit smoking, he said yes, in the beginning, but then it's ok and not that hard. 

So smokers, all you need is the first step. And I wish you all the best =) Check out this link on gayahidupsihat

And this ad, is heart breaking.

Ok, that's all for today, mana tau ada rezeki kan, dapat duit free.. heee heee.