Thursday, December 29, 2011

you never know what you posted on facebook could do


Alhamdulillah dah selesai Mini OSCE & OSCE untuk rotation Surgery... Jumpa lagi di final nanti, i will update on it inshaAllah..

So, few days ago, I encountered this video on facebook. Unfortunately I couldn't recall the person who posted the video.

Basically, the message was very simple about not to membazir makanan kan... I was so touched by this video that after watching this, I always finish food on my plate when I eat out - I ordered according to my ability to finish them - and when food falls and it is still clean and safe to eat I would pick it up. And every time I eat I would think of this video.

Another video I watched was about how easy it is today to share good things with people. Yelah, kalau ada 800 friends on facebook, hopefully one of them would benefit from things you posted kan. Tapi yang ni I tak berjaya nak laksanakan lagi. hehe.. And I really love this program, lau kaana bainana. In malaysia it is aired on TV Hijrah with subtitle, before this I only watched on youtube je, so lucky you Malaysian that it is now on TV.. Ok, till next time, selamat menonton! 

p.s : And keep sharing!

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