Sunday, December 18, 2011

how life changes since the internet : Music


malam semalam i was reminded of how technology have changed our lifestyle. for tonight, I'm gonna write about music, and my big sister.


hihi. I don't remember having a proper lyrics book but my sister had TWO of them, log book kot! and it would be so cool when I get to take them to school with me and show off to my friends - of course I didn't steal the creadit - she had her name on the book. Her handwriting was sooooo pretty - well that, I could never have. and she would cut lyrics from the weekend newspaper or she would write the lyrics by ears.

well, i've seen her did it so often. PLAY. PAUSE. REWIND. PLAY. PAUSE. over and over until she finishes the whole song. sometimes she uses her earphones, sometimes she didn't. and you wanna make much noise when she's on her "song re-writing" session. hihi.

I don't really do that unless it's a song I like and she doesn't. maybe once or twice. but after that it's all Yahoo! Search. Google was not in the highlight at that time. nowadays, when I hear a nice song on Glee I would google those few words I could catch and tadaaaa, the title, singer, lyrics, mp3 and the videos are all there.


we don't really get to buy original cassettes back then. (yang pirated pun jarang2). So what my sister would do, we make our own mix tape. you push the record button (the play button will follow) and pause altogether. so then when the DJ announces what's playing next, she would run to the radio and get ready to release the push button, and you're not allowed to sing along or talk during the recording. she would give the keep quiet sign and i'd read her lips saying "akak tengah record". hihi. and then we play the recording, if it's good, we'll set them back to the standby position, so we could record the next song. =)

nowadays, I'd google " Sedetik Lebih Anuar Zain 4shared", and download the song right away.

Music Videos.

yea, early in the morning during school holidays, we don't really wake up late (now we're talking zaman sekolah) because my sister would wake me up and help her with the house chores. she would clean the floor, wash the dishes, clean the living room and stuff. i got the minor jobs like susun kasut, cabut rumput dalam pasu, and my favorite, sapu rumput selepas abah mesen rumput. so, it's either she'll turn on the radio or she'll switch on the TV, pagi-pagi dulu-dulu kan ada MTV.. then the same thing, ready kan video tape, and then bila ada interesting MV we would record it - now, we usually don't re-watch thing we record except N SYNC Tour - I love that a lot!   

ok lah folks! till then, selamat belajar rajin-rajin n do share how's internet changed your life =)

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