Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what happen when you eat too much "clam"

I meant "lala" actually, and I'm not even sure if lala is translated into English as clam or not. When I was in Malaysia it's a must to eat things I love but I can't get in Jordan. Kalau setakat laksa tu dah boleh buat sendiri, I pun tak adalah heran sangat nak makan kat malaysia kan....

One of them was my mom's lala. I was going to blog about this actually back when I was in Malaysia with the recipe - but unfortunately I've forgotten them. I was having difficulty in telling either this lala was cooked by mama or me, but analyzing the background sayur beralaskan salad layu and the enormous slices of ginger in the lala dish, and the smudges on the bowl I'm pretty sure this is my job.

Well, long story short, for the recipe : tumis normal and add some susu sejat. that's all =)

The thing is that my mom had fed too much lala and kerang, of course during last holiday. We would go to Pasar Besar Ipoh and buy the clams there, sebab in pasar besar the lala and kerang was like besar gila, regardless bulan penuh ke, bulan separuh ke. And even at 3pm you can still get lala - in pasar Tanjung Rambutan, 11 am pun dah habis semua lala tau! I remember one time before going back to Parit Buntar my mom was like, "Atiqah, esok masak benda lain, kerang tu simpan dulu... Hari-hari makan kerang, lala, ketam ni tak elok untuk kesihatan..." hehe..and one day after I failed my first JPJ test i went to greentown mall with abah for phone-hunting preceded with 2 bowls of kerang bakar..

A few days before I went back to Jordan we stopped by near pasar besar and my mom asked "Do you want to eat lala some more?" and I suddenly felt nauseous. "No ma, please... Even the thought of it makes me nauseous". My mom replied, "Alhamdulillah...means you have eaten enough, balik next year baru makan lagi, tak adalah nanti balik sana dok teringin2 lagi dah".

Well she was right. Today I saw a picture of Pasar Besar Ipoh.
I'm already nauseous.


kueh bakar said...

trg ada remis..kecik sikit dari lala..biasanya orng tak jual..dah lebih sedekad tak makan remis...

atiqahdahalan said...

pahang pun ada jugak rasanya... macam sampan kot rupanye