Wednesday, July 28, 2010

devoid of professional conduct?

grabbed from group df3at 2007 on facebook

out of hundreds of lectures we attend each year, for three semesters, there are lectures that rock you to sleep after 5 minutes (or even less). the ones that you can't-stop-looking-at-your-watch-every-30-secs. the ones that you spent reading something else, or daydreaming on what's for dinner tonight and so on. well, i know I DO have those lectures.

and of course there will also be lectures that really get into us. the ones that make us stop, and ponder upon things. the ones that pass by without us knowing that it's been 45 minutes of attentive listening. the ones that inspire us to shape our future planning. one of mine was today. (besides another lecture last year that got me into tears simply for the phrase "treat your patient like your family". at this point, i realize im very sensitive about the patient. haih)

"...out of 300 students, only 60 of you were here (well, im sure it's even less than that). that is why, we have many students who achieved very high grades in the USMLE, step-1, step-2 but those students failed in communication skills. those who didn't come to the lecture, are devoid of professional conduct.." or so, said my clinical psychology professor. i finished my coffee and move to front row. man, this is going to be a great lecture.

we talked (well, HE talked) about 20 rules of physician-patient relationship. well, i guess it's undeniable that patient is the essential of medicine. there's no need for physician, unless there is a patient. and upon completing quarter of the rules i was already like "crap, rules are really meant to be broken, because i dont think i've ever met a physician who abide this rule 100%". yet, i think i  should post this somewhere i can see and meng-sebati-kannya in my life. 

you can most probably google the rules or refer KAPLAN textbook. but what hit me the most is how attending lectures is important in your life in medical school. it MOULDS you into the kind of physician you want to be. you don't attend the lectures simply to gain knowledge - which you can get some of them from the book or recorded-and-then-written-lectures (which gives you 95% accuracy of the actual lecture, or perhaps even much better organized). but the most important of all, is that you spend an hour with a physician who posses a great range of knowledge and experience. those are the thing that enriches your life as a med students. 

well, at least now i know why some lectures appears super boring to me (basically because the professor only talks about the material, and just that). but there are also professors who give a dash of his inspirations, hopes and expectations towards us, which are most of the time, NOT INSERTED in the written lectures. because they never come up as a question in the exam, but they are super duper important in our life later on. medicine doesn't make you any better than other people just because of the knowledge. it makes you a better person, because you understand human a lot more, you learn the needs  of another human being.

well, i'm sorry for people who're not happy being in JUST medical school, because i know i'm enjoying every second of it. admiring my professors, though there are more of them, whom i've not met and given chance to adore. but again it's up to you, wether to keep whining for the whole 6 precious years, or make the best out of it. 

i nearly changed my interest to psychiatry this morning for the sake of "i am sooooo going to tell other med students these stuffs". then i was like, if it's psychology or ethics, perhaps i'll end up just like my professors. students just wont come (i mean those who're supposed to be lectured on this). well, i guess i'll just pursue my american-dream. eh tak tak. i'll pursue my dream then teach. because as for now, im just a medical student who writes in her blog while people read and question my performance in med school. but that day will come, when im all superior to those med students, make their life hell, and give them worth-remembering taste of their own medicine. baru 3rd year dah pandai kan!



Laila said...

"medicine doesn't make you any better than other people just because of the knowledge. it makes you a better person, because you understand human a lot more, you learn the needs of another human being"

i love thisss!!!
smg Allah mmberkati kamu..:-)

one_munawwarah said...

hai lela..
i miss u :-*