Monday, July 5, 2010

hellooooo summer!

so it's summer. i'm not sure wether it's just me or it really IS the weather. it's HOT HOT HOT. i'm not complaining, i'm merely describing the weather. If u're in Malaysia, u might as well want to re-think about coming back to Jordan. hahah. but i heard it's hot and DAMP in Malaysia pulak. ouch!

It's extremely hot, and not to mention MSK's bus new route : JUST-Mujamma' Amman-McDonalds-MSK. which officially means, no more stop in qairawan. and I'ma have to walk all the way from McDonalds to home. WOW. if my classes were all in tibb, i might as well follow cik rokoiah to take the hospital buses everyday. and having to attend classes is the Engineering side of the university, not to mention it's CH2 - bangunan paling hujung di jamiah... and im definitely dropping the Bee Keeping course and opt to Food Preservation or something (and I hate microbiology....!)

This is yet the toughest, worst summer i've had so far. thank God for next year extra hols ;-). yipppeeee!!! 

on top of everything, I hope it's not too late to remind myself on not letting the weather affects me. and everyone else around. I finally understand when a local friend mentioned, the weather makes us harsh. don't let the weather change u. or decide who your are. or how u feel.

helloooooo summer =)


W M Najib said...

"Don't let the weather change u"

betoi betoi betoi!


faiq zaini said...

tiap2 ari kne singgah mcd. beli mcflurry.
route bru ni memg mncabar sungguh.

Anonymous said...

kalau malas nak jalan kaki dari mcd boleh ja amik sarfis dari mujamma amman.

one_munawwarah said...

dari tempat bas berhenti nk ke tempat sarfis pun kena jalan bawah panas. =(

hidayat said...

haha.xpela.korang brape hari je lagi nk berjalan kaki ni.kami lagi beberape semester.

tapi pape pon,bole menyeimbangkan antara input makanan dan output tenage seorang pelajar medik yg sibuk x sempat exercise.