Thursday, July 8, 2010


"once you choose medical school, you sold your soul to the devil."
1st day of school, i arrived 5 minutes late. 2nd day of school, went out 7.30, missed 3 buses and 25minutes late for the lecture. and it ended 10 minutes later. 3rd day, went out slightly earlier, missed FOUR buses, 25 ++ minutes late for the lecture. worried that i have to miss FIVE buses on the 4th day, i skipped school. hahaha. im lying, i didn't go because i wanted to do some registration stuff. and i realized i NEVER get all my 1st choices for elective subjects, but the substitutes were always great for me. ;-)

so, after a little CSi-get-in-action last night, and we were all unable to sleep well, today i did get out of the house as early as 7.15, yay me. missed only one bus, that too, i dont have to wait for the next bus. arrived at 7.40. one word popped up on my mind INTOXICATING. OMG, i can even grab my morning coffee and donuts!!! well, unfortunately the donuts place were not yet opened, or maybe they don't do business in summer??? so, just coffee and hotdog today. i'ma start making on-the-go muffins afterwards.

then even better. i finally get to see a always-make-plans-to-hang-out-but-never-worked-unless-it's-spontaneous buddy cuz she's in the same class with me. after two stinking years of not being able to see each other on regular basis, except for occasional once-a-year-bumping-into-each-other event. =)

and im also intoxicated, for another can't-mention-what reason. which somehow make me appreciate myself a lot more. =) 

i just finished He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, this edition has the "Life after he's just not that into you". i left this section anyway, because Liz mentioned that I should read it after a year or two after living my life applying all the "teachings" inside it. It was a good book, and i really enjoy the fact that I love reading. well, it takes a good book to make an attentive reader. i saw the movie first few months ago, for god's sake, it's 2009 production. and decided to give the book a shot. it's an eye-opener, life-changer and most important of all a time-saver.

a book for all men on earth to hate, and all women to cherish. thank you Greg for this companion. but i think guys should read it too. and you just have to read it yourself to know why am i saying all these things. anyway. another i book i finished during the holiday, would be "Making the Cut" by Dr. Mohamed Khadra. thanks to akak hawwwttt for lending me her book. it's a good foresight on how life's going to be like after medical school. 

and i realized this morning, that once you choose medical school, you sold your soul to the devil. (well, medicine is the devil in this case). medicine is going to be your life. anything else comes second to it. i didn't say number 2, because i dont put medicine as number 1. (????) technically i DID give up being in close proximity with my family to pursue medicine (i even thought i wont mind being sent to mozambique to study medicine). some call it sacrifice, well, i think they are practically the same. name it whatever you want, but you've done it, you put medicine above everything (almost everything) else. gotcha!

p/s: remember we learn about altruistic values in ethics? i used to understand it as, some people has got to die for others to live, and i just find out, in arabic it's ithar. so next time i take the biggest chicken during dinner, the girls can say "tiqah ni, tak altruistic langsung!".

selamat kembali kepada cik aisyahrkh7. 

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Ainul Arina Madhiah said...

woh one,
making the cut is the most rare book in the malaysia la aku rasa. Jenuh giler nak cariknyer. Dah la satu malaysia pun takde (mph yang glemer tu pun takde, habis stok la kot). Carik kat UK pun tinggal satu je. Hmpph! Tensen2x! Nasib baik ko kata mcm best kan, so aku bersabar je tunggu dia.. huhu

ko pinjam kat sapa weh?