Thursday, November 5, 2009

why is your heart in your chest?


ahlen dakatra~

saye suke amat dr. jamal abu ghaida. seperti yg telah ditelah (ha?) oleh kawan2, one(that's me) is the kind of person who loves doctors who talks about things other than medicine in lectures. e.g; Dr.Yousef Qoud, Dr. Jamil (oh, missed him!!!) w Dr.Jamal akeeeeeeeeeeed. only naming few whom i had met so far.

the thing is, people who goes to med school, is not there simply to become a doctor, who saves lives and so on. but, we all go there to learn on how to become a human as well. Besides the scientific knowledge, and perhaps some inter-personal skills, the  most important part of attending a med school is to develop ourselves to become a better person, whom others can rely on, have trust in, and simply relate to.

so. what triggers the publishing of today's entry is Dr. Jamal's question, (he got this from another doctor) leish rabna (why God) puts the heart in our chest cavity and not in the stomach???
the function of the heart one of it is to receive the draining of blood from all parts of our body and pump it to the lungs and receives oxygenated blood from the lungs and pump it to the whole body again. blood from the upper limbs have no problem to drain back to the heart because of the gravity force and so on. the problem is with organs of lower limbs. because the veins does not have its own mechanism to pump the blood to the heart. so. the heart, is put in the thoracic cavity, so that when we inspire, the pressure inside the cavity will be negative, and allows blood to drain into the heart. beautiful.kalau tidak u kena sentiasa baring kaki kat atas so that darah bleh balik ke jantung

and he said about having the 2nd heart, which is the muscles of the calves. u know, when u move ur muscles of the lower limbs than it will pump the blood to the heart, so when u have to stand up for long duration, dont forget to move your feet a little. ;-)

and vena cava and aorta is piercing the diaphragm at the TENDONS not the muscles so that it wont get constricted everytime the diaphragm contracts. subhanallah. meanwhile, esophageus pierces at the muscles so, when a person feels like vomiting, we asked him to take a deep breath, cuz with that the esophageus will be constricted.

bertafakkur itu tidak perlu kepada berteleku atas tikar sejadah untuk memikirkan penciptaan dan kehebatan Pencipta. rugi besar untuk sesiapa yang saban harinya melihat penciptaan tetapi ia gagal membawanya mendekati Pencipta. semoga kita semua tak tergolong dalam golongan tersebut. wallahua3lam.

p/s: dengan ini saya mengisytiharkan sandiwich kibdah dan slush oren as my favorite lunch. sekian. selamat berhujung minggu.

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