Friday, January 1, 2010

once in a blue moon

I'm running between things i have to do. but still, i have the urgency to jot this down.

blue moon lah last night.
thanx to cik phatroco kerana memaklumkan kpd unit semasa onebonez semasa sesi jalan-jalan malam semalam. balik terus google lah. of course lah bulan was not literally blue.

basically it's the 2nd full moon for a month, and having this blue moon on new year's eve, is really very rare, and not going to happen again until 2038. subhanallah. kirenya blue moon ni ibaratnya extra full moon lah for everyone =)

speaking of which, reminds me of my favorite "sound" - Once in a Blue Moon. ha.. sape tengok citer Jepun With Love masa kita kecik2 dulu tahulah kot. the one got HATA-san and teruterubozu love story itulah, when internet love still was not so popular. i can't remember everything in the series, but i know i love drawing teruterubozu on my notes and even made some of them. it's basically a Japanese belief of patung cuaca baik, u draw happy face on your teruterubozu. sometimes i'd draw crying face. hehe.

ok lah, untuk yang tercari2.


Belle said...

tengok jugaaaak hata-san n teruterubozu!!!

suka lagi kot lagu opening dia tue.

one_munawwarah said...

aha.. that one is called "destiny"