Sunday, January 3, 2010

That one person you can never get mad with.


I just pimped my desktop that makes it looks slightly different than usual. haha. after hours and hours spent, when cik ex-pengantin asked what do I got from this, it was somehow head-scratching question. i guess, it makes me feel, slightly happy, at least for the time being. ngeh3... later when i got bored i change back lah.

Called encik along, with our usual headlines, "Ha, ini i ade hawwwttt story baru ni". and he giggled hearing that. biasalah, nak start conversation mesti kena ada attention grabber. tak gitew??? that's not important. yesterday was my 2nd-kuih kasturi-trial. turned out ok, although in the beginning i almost give up because the adunan got so lembik... thank you nobonobo kerana terus memberikan semangat kepada cik tam untuk meneruskan misi kuih kasturi. it was abah's favorite by the way.

so, i called abah and told him,
 "Abah, ikah dah pandai buat kuih kasturi tau!"
 "Jadi ke kuih kasturi kamu?"
 "aish,, jadi..."
 "ape susah nye buat kuih kasturi, rebus kacang, bubuh gula merah, kelapa.. tepek tepek tepek, goreng"
 "laaaaa............ abah tau ke buat??? abah tak penah buat pun kat umah..."

it sucks when u're trying to impress abah, and he's already good at it. mungkin masa abah kecik2 dulu wan buat kuih kasturi agaknya. but true, kadang2  kita buat sesuatu tu bukannya kita nak makan sangat pun, kadang tu saje terkenang aje.. and today I made nasi kerabu resepi from kakhusna. the main thing was to try our one-month-old-telur-masin. turns out, kuning telur tak berapa masin. mungkin sebab it is not telur itik. nvm. we're going for the 2nd month to see what'll happen next.

okay. sekarang nak buat pesanan khidmat masyarakat pulak.

ketahuilah, if there's one person on earth you can never get mad with/at; it's your mom. no one can or should. she's that one woman who are willing to die for you simply so that you could see the world. she won't mind not having enough sleep just to stay awake at night when you're not feeling so good. she's that one woman who would spend the rest of the night with you when you're scared. she's that one person who wouldn't mind giving everything she possess, even if it's her organs, if that's what you need to survive.

if you didn't call her to tell how you're doing, she's never mad at you, she'll think that you're too busy studying but she's also worried if you're ok or not.
if you treat her bad, she won't get mad back at you, she'll think you probably have some problems with your friends, she's just worried that you might got hurt.
if you ask for money, she wont hesitate to give it, simply because she doesn't want you to feel the hardship she went through.
a child, can never make a mother mad, because no matter what mistake he/she did, he/she is always "just a little boy/girl in the eye of a mother".

i love my mom, a lot. i don't have enough words to express my feelings for her. I just thank God that my mom is still with me, and I know she'll always be there for me. no doubt about it. she knows me better than i know myself. simply because she's a mother, my mother.

it annoys me, and it irritates me to see people not treating mothers in the way they should have. hey, that woman gave birth to you, you can never repay that, NEVER, and there's nothing on earth you can give to a mother that equals the sacrifice she made in her life for a child. make your mom happy, and God will make your life happy. as simple as that. make your mom sad, do the maths. ;)


Laila said...

wahaha..bile i pulak nak try masak nasik kerabu nie..

aisyahrkh7 said...

salam one..

"make ur mom sad, do the maths"

mndalam btol mksd ayat ni..tulis dr hati ni mmg zouq..

telur masin! jumaat hri tu bru je org umah ak buat nasi kerabu dgn telur2 masinnye skali..penantian 2 bln utk memasinkan telur ayam jordan yg bercengkerang putih, berjaya!!!

one_munawwarah said...

nampaknye ak mmg kena tggu lagi sebulan lew.
hope u enjoyed our meal tadi.

imah said...

nk tny jap, sebab tak paham.
nape buat mak sedih kene wat math? i really cudnt understand the rhytm.... :(

one_munawwarah said...

do the maths is an expression, dalam bahasa melayu nye adelah "fikir la sendiri". atau bahasa bang bil nya, "ha lu pikir la sendiri..."

Aleen =) said...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

The 1st post that touches me today..


Dah homesick.

one_munawwarah said...


ironically, i feel great everytime my post touches one's heart.

sopiah said...

haha..seb bek wat kueh kasturi x jadi kejadian same mase ko amek tender masak ayam masak merah..hua3..can't forget that..hahahha

one_munawwarah said...

cess punye sopiah.
cess..cess..cess.. pastilah lebih tabah.