Monday, June 28, 2010

let's talk about LOVE

okay, tajuk ni, saje sensasi saje. i rearranged my room, and poooofffff!!!! i got new biological clock. i can finally sleep before midnight and stay awake after subuh prayer. tidur sebelum midnight has been something i've longed for almost a month dah kot sekarang. thank God. thank God.

so, during the unable-to-re-sleep moment, i did some reading and facebooking. then i found this video excerpt from a hindi movie, a musical on layla majnun. and i start googling, and read comments on how the  story resembles shakespeare classic, romeo and juliet. (that's why the title for the post is as mentioned above). then i was soooooo bosan. so i tried TV3. and there's this new series, and i click on it. cewah citer pendekar2 pulak. but it's one of KRU production. i decided to give it a try lah kan. effect dia boleh tahan, macam tengok cerita cina dulu-dulu pulak. ala2 Legend of Condor Lovers gitu, Yang Guo! Yang Guo! heronya sape lagi kalau bukan Adam Nur Kasih. (apsal i iklan lebih2 ni..)

okay. if u plan to watch the series, note that u might want to be prepared that some dialogues in the series adelah freaking funny, you might as well die from laughing. aneh gila kot, masa arjuna's parents plans to give him away, and during parting they say "semoga sakti kesatria mengiringimu". sekali ayah dia cakap, i was like WOW. then mummy dia cakap, i was like okay,hehehe.. then dayang tu balas the same phrase i was like, "wattaaa????kahkahkahkah". it was so funny. and instead of saying assalamualaikum, they keep saying "Sejahtera atas kamu" or "Sejahtera". hihihii.. i find it amusing. tak. or sebenarnya weird???

best2 mana pun citer omputih.. Glee ke...House ke.. Betty ke.. sekali sekala i nak jugak tgk catch up TV3 kan.

anyway. one thing that hit me on the 1st episode, is when arjuna's mom died. then his father got so sad and because they both had "bersumpah setia untuk sehidup semati" the father actually killed himself to be with his wife. so, it kinda relates back to Layla Majnun and Romeo & Juliet. kan?

so, i concluded that
When a heroin dies, the hero has two options ; he either get so angry at the villain and kill them, (then he win and cry and hug the heroin then continue living until he meets someone else or he got a student who then becomes the next hero), OR he could be so sad and be killed by the villains which is kinda dumb. but if he chooses to kill himself, that is just TWICE DUMBER
sekian. terima kasih.
"Semoga Sakti Kesatria Mengiringimu"


psychedelicmundo said...

nice review to..
p/s-Masih ingat keris hitam bersepuh emas?

one_munawwarah said...

dah lama dah la.
p/s : tidak ingat.

debudebanana said...

owh...padanla asyek ckp "semoga saksi kesatria mengiringimu"..

pelik aku tbe2 je ko bermadah ala2 zaman2 dolu kala..ingatkan skrip sailormoon...rupenye cerita epik melayu ini..ngeh3..

weyh,bla nk buat roti gardenia?? jom buat sama2..aku dah xlama dok sini...sob4..

one_munawwarah said...

sakTi. sakTi.

tggu habis makan carrot cake dulu