Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it just never stop

so one day you buy a pretty marine blue blouse.
then you need a white skirt and a white scarf to suit it.
so you get the white scarf, and haunt for the white skirt.
after 6 months or so you get the white skirt, but u outsized the blouse.
then you need new blouse to wear with the skirt.
then few months later you found new blouse that suits the white skirt (the colour).
but then you feels like the white skirt too flowy and messy for the blouse.
then you have to get a new skirt for the blouse.
so you go skirt haunting again, and found a decent one.
and the skirt's so pretty you can't help but to look for more blouse to wear it with.
(thank god you didn't buy any)
then you come home and put the pieces together.
and you realize you already have a skirt that suits the blouse even better.
which you haven't wear because you don't have a blouse that matches it.
now you need a scarf that suits the blouse and skirt.
and a another blouse to wear with the new skirt. (hah???)
and they just go on and on and on and on.
then you write this in your blog and be reminded you have another shirt you can wear with both skirts.
now you see why i hate shopping/wearing two pieces. 


haha said...


one_munawwarah said...

lelaki pun ade lah macam ni.

paieygbest said...

actually it does happen to me once and twice. so always, before you starting to buy something, make sure you've done surveying 'em first. kdg2 xde rezeki nk yg btol2 match ngn ape kte beli tu, naseb la kan, nk wat cane. last2 end up, pakai kat dlm umah jeeee..hahahhaa

PutraRocker said...

sabar dan ikhlas pasti hasilnya manis.wakawaka

slm 11 ramadhan!