Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lagi2 delayed entry

Sunday, September 6th 2009,
Ipoh, 0131 am.
It’s raining outside. It was an awesome evening. Tazkirah ramadhan di al-falah ustaz jamaluddin. Kelakar giler. But that’s not the point, it was his points + elaborations that were amazing. Simply we’re discussing the duaa recited after the witr prayer tonite. How, ability to read the Quran is a gift, and how we ask God to remind us of things we forgot, and how we ask God to teach us for things we’re ignorant of. And, don’t forget to bring a pen with you when you attend any majlis ilmu. Gotcha, makcik2!!! Ate datang bawak tlinge, balik bawak tlinge juge… and how, we ask God so that we live, the life of Ulama’, and die the death of syuhada’, but we’re not behaving accordingly to things we asked for.
So, the tazkirah ended 11.05 – I was already uneased 10 minutes before 11. It was my favourite speaker in Batu 6. First time you, dengar live. Slalu tgk kat youtube je. Exhilarating was the one word to describe my feeling. This 2 weeks holiday were awesome so far – I got to do things I always hoped to do, and see people I wanted to see. Alhamdulillah. Balik, we had some roti canai and the tarik, and it rains. Superb kan! Still, cannot lawan roti planta. But mamak said, if u want roti planta u have to wait, so abah just got me the roti canai and I add my own planta. Hahah.
I thank God for such an enormous support I’ve been getting lately. Babe, thanks for your offer – of buying me my raya return tickets. It’s the willingness that matters. See you next year punya eid inshallah. I’m still nervous though wether I could make it or not to pass this paper. Again, I thank God for the blessing of tawakkal. I’ll do my best, inshallah. Don’t feel sorry for me, cuz I’m not even sorry for myself. But the raya part – that one, yea I’m quite disappointed. But, none of the days ever since I knew I have to go back and do immunology again passed without a single consolation from God, on how He has something waiting for me, that apabila Tuhan mahu memberikan sesuatu yang lebih baik ia akan datangkan dulu musibah, ujian itu untuk menaikkan darjat kerana amalan kita mmg tak cukup, dan raya is made “sad” and it was not supposed to be a tearful air mata. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Allah. I believe I’m taking the right decision. Funny how we ask God for signs, but we didn’t “read” them accordingly.
Off to pahang tomorrow, visiting wan.
ps: by the time i post this, i'm already at home. balik kampung was superb giler. and just finished shopping for barang nak bawak balik. lemang + ketupat palas instant included.
pps: broadband tak lah seindah yang disangka. phone browsing, boleh tahan mahal jugak celcom ni. sesiapapun jgn cuba2 nak suggest streamyx mahupun p1max. crap semua tu. wi-tribe is the best, yeay! -gaye cheerleaders- aku masih stuck dengan dial-up. yang ini, kau patut kesian giler kat aku.

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