Friday, June 25, 2010

anticipating friday =)

eh. i think lately my blog revolves more around things i think of, and others kot. tak banyak about what happened in my daily life kan. today was nice, and i realized that when it comes to holiday. it doesn't really matter where you spend it or what did you do (ok, the what matters a lil bit). but the WHO you spend it with matters the most. and now im anticipating friday cuz we have big plans to berjimba-jimba with the girls. mwahahahaha. speaking of the WHO, seriously i wont mind spending my holiday anywhere if it means all the family members are there with me. pegi tgk world cup nuuuun kat south africa pun boleh you!!!


imah said...

have a nice hols at jordan. what is "berjimba-jimba" anyway? ada dalam daftar kamus dewan ke?hua3

one_munawwarah said...

berjimba-jimba is like... i have no idea!