Friday, December 25, 2009

happily married =)

marriage is about being together with the other half of you through happiness and sorrow, through success and hardships. to be able to accept each others' flaws, to cherish each others' good quality, and perhaps to value every single moment you spend together. and of course, to love unconditionally. and these two amazing figures in my life had led a beautiful journey together for 32 years, Happy Wedding Anniversary mama n abah, May Allah bless both of you, may every second you went through as husband and wife be rewarded in the hereafter. =) December 25th 1977

mom and dad in sungai mekong

come to think about it, how wonderful it is if every second of our life being married is regarded as ibadah and "get rewarded" for it, and most importantly it is one of the thing that brings us closer to Allah. You can never hope for anything better in love life except to be granted a person who loves you dearly and that the love you share makes you a better slave of Him.

it's a loss. i mean like a total loss that the understanding of love has been a real mess. there's nothing wrong about the feeling, it's the way you express it or channel it that determines the value of it. It is something that can lead you both ways, and you have to be the smart driver to make sure that your end destination would be Allah's blessing instead of His grieve. and I believe we all pray that Allah will give us the guidance to lead a healthy obeying love life, and we all hope that He would forgive us for every wrongdoings we had conduct previously.

instead of waiting for the other half of you to pops out in the middle of nowhere, perhaps it is best that we get ourselve prepared to be the one to complete our other halves. live love and radiate. =)

a lovely wedding vow, melts my soul upon listening to this. hahah.

I could promise;
to hold you and to cherish you
I could promise;
to be  there in sicknes  and in healh
I could say;
till death do us apart,
but I wont,
those vows are for optimistic couples.
the one full of hope
and I do not stand here, on my wedding day,
optimistic or full of hope.
I am not optimistic, I am not hopeful
I am sure.
I am steady.
And I know I'm a heart man.
take them apart and put them back together,
I hold them in my hands.
I am a heart man.
So, this
I am sure; you are my partner
My beloved, my very bestfriend,
My heart beats for you
and on this day;
the day of our wedding,
I promise you this:
I promise you to leave my heart in the palm of your hands,
I promise you :

i swear it was beautiful. Preson Burke rehearses his wedding vow on Grey's Anatomy.

dan skarang aku plak nk kena study anatomy og endocrine. bye bye

p/s: keyboard ni apsal... asik salah je ejaan

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Laila said...

waiting the other half of me..oh yeahh!!