Tuesday, December 29, 2009

how to make cheezy wedges if u're in Jordan

somewhere last summer, I fall in love with nachos. It was my first, the girls and i were celebrating cik jah's birthday at TGIF. her treat, of course.

The one we had looks almost like this except they didnt put the salsa on the tortillas, just the cheese and hots.

Few months ago, I bought nachos in a kiosk in a foodcourt. doesn't worth my 4 JDs cuz they simply put doritos (I saw him pouring doritos) and some cheese dip and salsa. well, the cheese dip was not like the one in TGIF - that one tasted a lot different, and the salsa too, of course!

Few weeks ago, I craved for nachos, so i thought of preparing them myself. I went to buy some tortillas, and i bought Fritos tortillas (i think that's the brand I bought) cuz they look so original, as compared to dorritos. then i caught my eye on Fritos Cheese Dip. hey, even better then having to make them myself! safeway mmg sgt smart to put bottled salsa next  to them. heheheh..

so, enjoying nachos that night was heaven, till it pops on my mind, this cheese dip tastes exactly like the ones we have on KFC cheezy wedges. (too bad, Jordan KFC doesnt have this). the idea was to go and buy wedges to experiment. i swear i walked from duwwar jame3ah to dhaiah supermarket nuuuun jauh di sana. hampa betul takde wedges.

last night i found out zamzam ada wedges dah, so today i walked lah to get some. and taddaaaaaa.....~

looked up for cheese dip recipe on the net.. mostly tak lah sehappening cam Fritos ni... so, better beli jelah, tak payah nak cuba2 lagi kan. untuk wedges boleh lah kalau nak buat sendiri, just jangan peel off the skin, then gaul lah dengan paprika ke, ape segala seasoning yg ade kat rumah tu.. this one i use MacCain's.

p/s: it's not healthy at all.. sila berpada-pada.


aisyahrkh7 said...

salam alaik..
cik one..sila count cholesterol level anda..huhu..

one_munawwarah said...

ala..makan skali dua takpenye.. nnt kite exercise

one_munawwarah said...

ala..makan skali dua takpenye.. nnt kite exercise