Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tips berpindah randah

okey. aku berpindah untuk kali KETIGA dalam masa kurang dua tahun, a.k.a aku dah ada 4 rumah. ( bkn la hak milik aku)

salam semua.

pindah, kali pertama dari sakan ke CSI 1 (kini bayt EXORA itu) adalah superb!!! yelah, nak pindah rumah baru, rumah sendiri yang bukan sakan... 2nd, was partly exciting sebab rumah mafrushah budget mewah, disulami keletihan terlampau... sebab once you think u're settling down... things start to grow outrageously... asset makin banyak. pindah yang ketiga, dari CSI 2 ke CSI 3 (opposite munawwarah --- wow, name I!!!) adalah lebih meletihkan dan ke-excited-annya adalah lebih dari pindah kedua. sebab rumah ini, adalah satu pemilikan yang aku kira agak bijak. tapi, temanya adalah...pindah itu letih siot. so, atas dasar kasih sayang, aku bagitau siap2 lah..especially for juniors how to find and settle nicely in irbid. ini adalah tips peribadi, bukan dr JKPP permai oke.

moving is like a business. it's all about location, location and LOCATION. decide what do u need from a home. CSI 1st requirement of home "must be a walking distance to share3 jame3a" because it is simply vital for the life of the house.. wahey! safety is an important measure as well. so, CONSULT JKK PP permai before you sign the a8ad. ok. they know best. but it is almost impossible for 100% safe place cuz there's always streets with threats!

if you once had a personal room, (1 pax per room) never even think about sharing. it just WONT WORK.

ASK for water availability, such as how big is the tank. and how many tanks the building have. it is best to have "5azzane may" ta7at. so when u're out of water you can pam air... oke.

carpeting : you dont have to go for the most expensive ones unless you plan to sleep on the carpet.

furnitures : buy things you need only or end up opening a kedai perabot in your room.

electrical aplliances : super important. if you're planning to stay here for 5-6 years, BUY GOOD STUFF. a refridgerator that cost 300JD is waaay wiser than buying 170jD in your first year and having to buy another one a year after. and the price will not go down. so, buying good, expensive stuff in the 1st year is much better than in you 2nd, 3rd year. -based on true story-

know your electrical capability. some places can't handle too many high-powered appliances all at the same time, like having 2 electric heater + water heater at the same time.

a day of walking, surveying prices is worth it than buying the 1st thing you see on your way to completing the house. it's ok if you have to go back to the 1st place which is 40 blocks away. cuz u'll be satisfied, i'm sure.

to move your things, contact JKPP Permai - formality is the best to avoid uncomfortable scenery on your moving day. by that i mean, ikhtilat tidak sihat.

don't go to find your home too early because they might say things like, "if you dont pay for these 3 months, i'll give it to others"

again, buy things of GOOD QUALITY. make wise investment. and it's okay to buy things from graduating seniors, because they're usually still in good condition.

fully furnished is okay too. just depends on the pricing and keselesaan of the place. and it's awesome because there's not much work to do! weeeeee

sometimes we may have to go to hardware store, bring pen and paper to DRAW in case you don't know what it is in arabic. refer RUJUKAN CEPAT BAHASA ARAB AMMI JORDAN. i think there are some things you can get from there.

mingle, and ask when you're in town. you get lotsa knowledge that way. and most people i think, are very friendly and willing to help when you're in need.

be wise, and dont be fooled.

ask. ask. ask. never hesitate to consult seniors, or simply anyone to help you.

p/s: juniors, who needs complete notes from al-qusur and atyaf for biochemistry can contact me. cuz, i'm soooo giving them away.

p.p/s: also, i have some biochem and visual basic Qs. to be given away

p.p/s : anyone taking home garden, i'm giving away my books + handout. (i wish there will be home garden 2) lol

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