Thursday, June 25, 2009

delayed awards entry.

aloha~(mood hawaii meskipun aku cuti kat irbid je)
here's two awards i got recently. thanks yeaaaaaa.
i'm terribly sorry for the delay. cause of delay will be explained in the coming entry.

this one from ajie

1. Copy&Paste the award.
2. Put the pictures tat you had ever cooked before. [masak air pun tape]
3. Named the food tat you had cook

this one - i think is quite difficult, cuz i dont really take pictures of food i make cuz i dont "cook & tell" -if u know what i mean. so, i have to search my phones if i had taken any. haha.

obviously this is a pizza. first few times when i started to make my own pizza. i think this one is tuna - that week we ate pizza like crazy cuz i was so excited that i can make it.haha.

next award is from peridotsepi - she found me in thesaliq's blog. anyway. thanx for this award, i'm flattered - wohaaaa macam menang oscar plak dah...

and i think ajie did give me another award but i failed to search the award in her blog. sorry my dear. but it's the thought that counts.

happy day everyone.
p/s: i might consider to start making awards for others too. lol.


AziraOmar said...

meh syini piat telinga...
yana.. meh piat telinga si one nie haa..
haa.. tgkk.. da ucakk..

susa dey nak masak pizaa..
aigOoo amigOoo [ala mexico gitu]

award lagiik satu~
ajie xingt gak..

one_munawwarah said...

huhu..mane de susah..
tell u a secret
(now it's not anymore)
doh dy bleh beli je...mane2 kedai roti kat sini ade jual...