Friday, June 26, 2009

what happened to me that i disappeared.

if i delay this post - i might actually stop blogging for quite some time. so, here it goes.

i sent the girls off at the door this morning and hit my bed they went to syria, the trip was supposed to go to syria & lubnan, for 120JD - really worth it. but i didn't join them, i didn't get the permission, and i remember mama's "jangan pergi Lubnan ye sayang...." when i called, few weeks before my finals. but, we're refrained from entering Lubnan due to the H1N1, so they are going to spend the 3 days in syria. syria is an old issue - abah doesn't approve holidays in middle east. "kalau nak pergi bercuti, mesti tengok kesesuaian masa dan tempat". i tested and asked if i could visit europe next time, guess what - he says OK. mama even ask how much the tickets are going to cost - she's interested. Note: my parents are "travellers tegar". i'm cool with it, i had not develop the confidence to travel without people i know would care for me and able to take care of me.

anyway. something ripped off the blogging fun out of my life this few days. i bought "CSI 4: Hard Evidence" pc game CD. so, i was stuck to my laptop solving cases - like the real csi - only that i dont have to drive or walk back and forth to the labs, crime scene and morgue. the game was AWESOME. and i finished within 2 nights. i didn't check my emails or blog updates. i even stopped facebooking. hell, life was different. i was like in another world.

after i finished those games, i was occupied with other stuff like - more games and some dvd and some reading on the internet. hey, i found online "tamar jalis" siri bercakap dengan jin. lol.

last night i watched this so-called documentary movie "where on earth is osama bin laden". revolves around morgan, who's going to have a baby soon. so, in order to make world a safer place, he thinks he had to look for osama so terrorism would be put on an end. this is the kind of movie - u dont just watch and accept everything. it makes u think, u have to look at it in a critical eyes. not just as a stupid viewer. so he went (i think he went to many places but they only shows middle east countries). i was amazed when morgan attended surviving class - hey, u never know what tips they have to still safe - he even learn how to survive from sniper's attack!!! and where to sit when u go into a restaurant.
i'm telling you fellas this is a MUST WATCH. learn what people think of muslims, and what muslims think about themselves and the americans. you see people who understands, and people who speak without knowledge. i would love to quote a pastor in Jordan's word "I have no problem whatsoever with the Muslims majority in Jordan. We, the Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same Allah, the one and only. The muslims are majority, but their voices are not loud enough,". ini untuk kita fikir sama-sama.
Morgan didn't get to see osama. he stopped in Pakistan, before entering Peshawar. he thinks it's not worth it - but he earned something even more valuable. he got to see the real muslims and learn what is in our minds instead of "crazy things" he saw on TV.
and an Imam in Saudi ( i think ) expresses his disagreement and dislikes to the American, so morgan tells him "why you hate us so much, we came to bring peace," the Imam replies , "you came with ambulance or you came with tanks???" and Morgan reflected, that - that was a good question. and he gets to see how much destruction had been done in middle east countries.

and people of egypt finally open up on how they don't have the freedom. and Morgan admits that to assure their freedom (the Americans) they sacrificed others' freedom. this is one honest criticism to their government - in my opinion. way to go...!!!
and some, even myself wonders if osama bin laden is a real thing is just something the America come up with. i once watched a sinical vid trying to imply that Americans just need something to be afraid of - all the time. well. im not saying anything. but, it's good for us to start thinking and stop accepting everything brought into our home via that black box. flat or freaking huge. =)
u can borrow my dvd if u want too watch this.
i'ma have to hit my sack or i might end up missing something i don't wanna miss tomorrow. till then, cherish life. tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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