Friday, June 12, 2009

forno pizza : a re-review

Good day. (i managed not updating for few days). one more paper to go.
Dear one_munawwarah:

... Thank you for your comment.
I am the owner of Pizza Forno restaurant in Irbid, Rami,
would like to apologize for what happened with you. I was not satisfied with the Pizza you bought,but there was a technical problem at that day which is already resolved now.
We use the best quality pizza ingredients and we have highly qualified staff.
It is sad to know that you had a bad experience , but we assure you it is only one time incident .
To change your experience to better one, I invite you to come back to the restaurant and select any pizza you want for free.

Please feel free to come and collect your free pizza at any time.
When you go to the resturant ask for our cheff, Mutasem, and ask him for your free pizza.

For your future comments, please feel free to contact me directly at

anyway. this entry is made in honour of the newly set pizza parlor, FORNO PIZZA. i received a notification email regarding a comment in my previous entry where i put the picture of the amore pizza i ordered. so,the owner of pizza forno, offered me A FREE PIZZA, of any topping i wanted. well- at first i kinda hesitate on claiming my pizza, cuz it could be just anyone playing pranks on me. but, what is it to loss. i set my feet for the second time in red-white-black themed shop. with a printed version of the message. then after short conversation, a staff came and apologize for my previous pizza. well, it was their 2nd day of operation, so perhaps there's some technical problem or something. and he promised such pizza accident WILL NEVER NEVER happen again in the future.

about 7-10 minutes. voilla. here comes my new amore pizza. satisfactory is the word that suits the pizza this time. he even offered me to snap a shot of it. i promised i'll upload this new amore pizza. i asked a friend and she said, she once ordered amore, and this is how the pizza looked like. so, amore pizza looks like this, and my previous one, was an exceptional case. the chef even come out and the staff introduced him to me. cute, i would say. (^_^)

the effort made by the owner, and the staff really impressed me. even without the pizza, i would just blog about their effort. i wish a good future for forno pizza for this effort and detrermination. they deserve some kinda recognition. again, i dont say this things simply because i got free pizza.if the pizza was not satisfactory, i will still mention it. but, i guess they proved themselve this time.

i asked and found out that other menus will be available within two weeks, plus minus - they will be serving the rest of the menus for summer semester in yarmouk uni. grab your pizzas today (because they are not charging taxes for the time being)
p/s: but i've never tried ordering online.

p.p/s: i might consider food critic as my second career.


Anonymous said...


This is the owner of Pizza Forno. I am glad that you have collected your free pizza. I am more glad that I have succeeded in returning an unsatisfied customer.

Please take advantage of our grand oppening offer... BUY ANY MEDIUM PIZZA AND GET THE SECOND FREE
of any kind.

Also please try online ordering... it is already activated

Thank you again,

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wahhhhhhhhhhhh...bestnyer!! jaoh le pulak nk beli.. beli on9 boleh? hihi