Friday, June 19, 2009


tag by ajie.
Rules And Regulation: Adalah baik sekiranya anda menulis 25 perkara yg org xtau semasa kecil anda. dihujung entry, anda harus memilih 5 org utk ditag. Anda amat bertuah jika ditag saya sbb sy ingin tau lebey lanjut tentang zaman comel anda dulu..
note: i consider primary as "masa kecil" jugak.
  1. i talked too much that people recognize me as "atiqah, yang kecik2 mulut berek tu". i can talk non-stop - this is true until the tag is being completed.
  2. i once asked an auntie, "auntie, what is this called in tamil or hindi???" ponting to a black dot she has on her forehead, she tells me, "it's called pottu" i never call it "tambi" anymore ever since. then i asked her what does "vanakkam" means - too bad, i forgot already. =P
  3. i used to be REALLLLLY scared of sikh men and boys, no matter how their "serban" are fold around their head. i still can't recall the causing occassion, tapi aku pernah lari balik mengaji dari rumah ustaz mad macam orang gila, kunci pintu (orang semua kat luar) sebab terjumpa benggali tengah bagi lembu makan. lama-lama aku tahu bahawa mereka juga rakyat Malaysia, and wont do any harm.
  4. i can't look at abah/mama getting dressed without asking, "gi mana bah/ma??? nak ikut!" again, this is true until the tag is being completed.
  5. abah called me "hantu paku" referring to number 4. a term we use for a child like me.
  6. i have a teddy bear, made of kain licin, i called him didi. i would rub him with my fingers until it gets cold than put it on my cheek while hisap botol. or another girl doll i dont remember her name, i will rub her feet and take it to my cheek. suka la sejuk. they both were thrown into sungai perak by opah, after i refuse to throw them away. i still can't forget that day.
  7. i stopped hisap botol at 7 because kakak says i might be "jongang" and no one will like me. i was beauty-concious back then.
  8. i made this joke to my guru kelas darjah 2 , en.zamry "cikgu, ana kirim salam." "ana mana?" "anaconda". but i'm still his favorite despite being such a pain in the u-know-what.
  9. an ustaz came when i was in darjah 4 and asked, "siapa boleh cakap cina" i thought he was trying to be a loyar buruk, i proudly stand up and say, "ci-na" then he was so pissed off, i think he kept the grudge for me until i finished primary, perhaps he' s still mad at me.
  10. i rode a kambing from kuil. (kuil punya kambing) and days after that i got demam. perhaps i was so terkejut. and we (my siblings and i) called him candu. he ate mama's plants.oops
  11. i fell in a stinking smelly drain belakang rumah, and smelled like longkang even after i mandi. i can still remember the smell. i was riding bicycle on the adventurous alley behind our terraces.
  12. a duck shitted on my feet. it was WARM.
  13. opah called me manja, then when i-think-i'm-big-enough i told her to stop calling me that. i'm bad.
  14. i found in kakak's folio that i started to read at 3 1/2 years, this is siblings pressure because all of them can already read TV subtitle so, i need to catch up - or so, i think.
  15. i learnt to read with doraemon comics.
  16. i had ambitions to be FBI, CIA agents ( i watched too many TVs) and one day i looked up in along's text book to see what are they really about, and i told him - i will do anything to get the job. thanks to Secret Agent Man and X-files.
  17. i was the only girl at mak's (my mak bela) . there was aie, fizi (adik), zahir and syakirin with me. i remembered i promised mak, "mak, when u're old, i'll bring beras to your home". i have no idea why i said that.
  18. abah a.k.a pakcik mahmud have to take me on vespa ride every morning. now he's not so well, mak also... i hope to see them this holiday. or hari raya.
  19. i cannot climb a tree. so when we play "aci duduk" i'll be the 1st to duduk, because if i have to jadi, i can't chase people who were on top of the trees.wan can climb to the finest branch, so the game wont end la if i have to jadi.
  20. i took almost a year before my new friends (i moved to batu 8) ask me to join them play. why so long la... i was darjah 2 by then, and at the end of darjah 4 abah made a rule i cannot go and play with them anymore.
  21. i sneaked out and play everytime abah and mama went out (if u're reading, u caught me red-handed, but i was only a little girl, sorry eh...) i dont remember got caught.
  22. when my ustazah, (allahyarhamah ustazah rokiah) moved nearer to my house, i walk back and forth to her home to mengaji. pergi masa maghrib, balik dah gelap sikit, i would run holding quran/bag with quran inside on my back. because i was afraid hantu will come from back. when i feel hantu is coming from front, i hold it in front.
  23. my cikgu tadika really loves me. she give me rm10 for my birthday,everyone else got 5. kawan tadika, if you read this please give sokongan to the statement.
  24. when abah come to pay yuran, i would fake sakit perut (i think everyone knows that) and cikgu ana will let me go home early. haha. bosan weh, i got into tadika since 3 1/2 years because there's no one to babysit and the tadika accepted as long as i can wash my own poop. yeay
  25. i cant believe, already 25 and someone might actually read this. i played senapang kayu with peluru terung. i missed those days, and also mengail guna mata kail made from bamboo and nilon, and just that. sometimes can get ikan potak. it's so sedap i can eat it like kerepek. but if i want to eat a lot, have to take abah fishing, he spit on the umpan - he said the enzyme will make the fish more attracted to it - i thought he had some kind of jampi. if any relatives come from bandar, so i can eat only one ika potak because everyone is so jakun. abah, i want ikan potak. this raya let's go back to pahang and mengail.

i would wanna tag

  1. akak hawtttt, kak qilah
  2. yana - i know ajie tagged u as well.i'm making it double so u got 50.haha.
  3. sueya
  4. mili
  5. QN



Yankum3~ said...

one lawak giler sume nye..
aku xleh bayang kan cne rupe ko time sume kejadian itu..

mne aci dowh nk buat smpi 50..
penat aku nk pk sume nye..

AziraOmar said...

ajie xley nak bayang yg part one lari pegang Quran kedepan ke blakang tue..
tersenyum sowang2 ajie dpn laptop nie haa...

to yana: padan mukee.. wat je la.. sonok gak bace... hahah.. lawak33~~ aigOoo~

one_munawwarah said...

aku pun slalu gelak sorang2 biler teringat benda2 ni.

nice task. haha

SuMaiYaH said...

apakah semua ini? haha. one, aku xbrape nak ada idea lah utk complete the task LOL ;)

Yankum3~ said...

aku dh buat..
penat otak aku..

AziraOmar said...

ala.. sue wat jea..
mst ko tergelak33 nnt teringt zaman keciit3..
tak pun ko sedey..
mcm ajie nye tagg..
wat la sue..
nak bace gakk..
to yana tahniah kerane gigih~

kilah said...

no 9..sgt kureng!! sangka kecik2 dh pandai loyar buruk..
serius mantap gile berloyar buruk..haha

kilah said...

I've done ur tagged!