Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dont try to kill yourself with paracetamol

"an advice to suicidal patient is not to try to commit suicide with paracetamol, because the therapeutic index is almost 20 to 1" kata dr. pharma siang tadi (lawak la kot sebab budak kelas seme gelak je kan)sambil menceritakan kisah paracetamol dan dadah2 untuk rheumatoid arthritis. ada docs yg tak suka bila sebut dadah sebagai drugs woo.. maksudnye, kalau makan paracetamol utk bunuh diri, mcm x bape efektif la. tp kalau overdose sangat, mmg teruk la effect dia, cume nk menyampai ke tahap teruk tu la yg letih. ha?

bukannye nak ajar org bunuh diri pun. jangan2 pasni ade org arrive kat onebonez sbb search "how to commit suicide" plak. wohaaa. that's not the kind of message i'd give to my Pt. i meant, readers. BTW, juz want to remind u to live love and love life. take nothing for granted for tomorrow is never guaranteed.

i started GREAT today. tho i reached school at 8 (i thought my lab session was in the morning - it was at 2 pm by the way) and it was splendid. had some real fun. till later of the day, some things were bothering me. then i realize, u may started a good day and faces some intimidating things towards the end, still, u're the one to decide wether to let things ruin your day, or not. i chose not to.

i guess, it is all about being in control of yourself. and that's just it.

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