Tuesday, October 20, 2009

zentel sejenis albendazole

 sambil2 nak dinner/lunch di popeyes, tepon pun dimasuki message. "Aalong". saje letak double A. kasik appear nama atas2 sikit. Aabah, Aalong, Aangah.

"Muaz dah bole makan ubat cacing e.g. zentel tak? Doc pusrawi suruh makan tp doc HKL kata 2 thn br bole. Please advice. Bapa Keliru"

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"I'd go with doc HKL. sy cdg saudara  refer pada pakar - doc x btauliah - tgh mkn, nnt blk will check kitab"

balik check internet. no studies proven anything, but zentel is a tradename of albendazole. refer lippincott pg 433,434.

" Treatment of hydatid disease (3 months) has a risk of hepatotoxicity and, rarely, agranulocytosis or pancytopenia. Medical treatment of neurocysticercosis is associated with inflammatory responses to dying parasites in the CNS, including headache, vomiting, hyperthermia, convulsions and mental changes. The drug should not be given during pregnancy or to children under 2 years of age"

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"sungguh x disangka ada jwpnnye dlm my textbook.zentel adlh dr group albendazole. effects due to the dying parasites; headache, vomiting, hyperthermia, convulsions and mental changes. The drug should not be given during pregnancy or TO CHILDREN UNDER 2 YEARS OF AGE. sy harap ini sedikit merungkai kekeliruan saudara"

teringat pesanan Dr.Hakam al-Hadidi. to keep a notebook, and REFER them everytime, before u prescribe anything to your patient. yelah, kalau dah silap info ke...dosage ke...tak ke naya je orang. ish3..
tapi macam ni lah dunia medicine. no clear cut. or black and white mcm blog onebonez. huhu. it's about weighing the pros and cons of a treatment and to put improving Pt's quality of life as priority.

insaf jap maksu. jadi. persoalannye skrg, if we can't give albendazole? what can we do? good question by Mr.Chung.  please leave your comments.
again credit saye untuk Mr.Chung lagi.

ps: masa kecik dulu, i dont eat zentel. but i forgot the name of the medicine. ada gambar budak perempuan ikat dandan. sedap sangat.

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