Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mistakes of working out.

well. it's summer, the most exciting season of the year - NOT. my personal favorite would be, hmmm spring =). sunyi dah onebonez sebab kawan2 seme pakat dah balik U masing2 yang takde kemudahan internet. iium orait sket, ade internet. kesian... skolah taayah dlu pun wireless 24 hrs okay. (btw, csi punye line pun tgh slow... x lame lagi bye bye umax, we're gonna change to wi-tribe)

so, my point is. the mistakes of working out/exercising.
  1. the saying " NO PAIN NO GAIN" - is a big NO-NO. Prof. Al-Omari said today, "exercising is not a business of pain, it is about improving our lifestyle". You shouldn't feel any pain while exercising, pain after exercising is normal if u're not used to the intensity, but this is the 24 hrs post exercise pain we're talking about - not immediately. Yes, it's ok to feel challenged or uncomfortable during the session - but NOT PAIN.

  2. sweating to lose weight is not the way man. THE LAST THING U WANNA DO IN YOUR LIFE IF U'RE PERFECTLY HEALTH IS TO LOSE FLUIDS FROM YOUR BODY - don't go to sauna!or wear heat training suit to sweat more - ain't the right thing to do.

  3. when u feel pain, STOP EXERCISING, don't continue.

  4. people usually get injured while "PLAYING" - then they will lose 2 years hardwork because of the need to recover from injury.

  5. dehydrate, dehydrate and dehydrate...!!!

  6. if u want to gain weight do resistant training - not by eating fatty food/junks

  7. do exercise you like - not what your friends like

  8. there's no such thing as morning workout for cardio, evening to lose weight crap. there's no different - exercise according to what u feel most comfortable with.

  9. u should make working out a pleasant experience, not a bad one- or u will not want to go back again.

  10. STRETCHING is what you do to cool down, not very appropriate for warming up =)

well...that's basically what i got from today's class. God, i'm loving summer semester. too bad no public health lecture this morning.

anyway. i think elective subject is making a big impact in most of my friends' life. really. cuz all this while we're all too busy with medical subject which basically lingers around our field of interest. now that we have to learn something outside medicine, we start to see the world in a larger window. at least, i felt that way. last year, after home garden course, i learnt soooooo much about planting and gardening and things become a lot more fun after that course. Though, abah would tell me, "abah tak payah amik course pun lagi pandai berkebun dari kamu. :P" well, of course la kan. abah tu natural gitu... once upon a time, i told him, " abah, abah ni berkebun macam pekebun la," referring how i like to see him gardening, then abah said, " habis, takkan berkebun macam orang main badminton pulak," ok, i was dumb.

and i start seeing people blogging about things they learnt in elective classes. surely, i enjoyed mine too.

gotta go people - u know time flies quickly lately. wait till my flight home, where every minute takes an hour to pass.

ps: i went home today, no new msg in inbox or offline msgs or fb notification,waheyyy that's boring. why do universities admin has to do that - in my college u can log on to fb with ur laptop -during lecture (of course, i didnt do that) im trying to make a point that internet is really necessary, at least i need them to google things that is not in my book. and DR. Rashid said internet is a must for a 21st century med students. right?

pps: to my classmates:found out dr.youseff is one of the member of highest council ST - isn't that awesome, check out his work in health sectors. =)

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Laila said...

then perlu ke daku suruh mak jual sauna yang ade kat umah tuh??
sngt boring kan one bile mereke2 tidak meng'update' blog msg2..

then i totally agreed..
"..internet is really necessary, at least i need them to google things that is not in my book. and DR. Rashid said internet is a must for a 21st century med students. right?.."

alhmadulillah maktab ade kemudahan tu..syukur2..