Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my first knee x-ray

it was a fine evening, and i finally have the time to run. i set my messenger status to "mahu berlari tak mahu berhenti" and asked dijah to go out with me. i stopped running for quite sometime and recently i only jog a little and walk the rest of the evening. so yesterday eve, was suppose to be the day i'd start all over again. 1st round ok, 2nd round ok. and i walked a little bit, until one of my favorite song come up on the playlist, and i thought of running some more. really, at least until the song finish. i changed my running rythm to slightly larger steps and i felt lighter, until i stumbled and fell on my kness.

embarassed and frustration are the best word to express my feeling at that time. i quickly get back on my feet and sit by the pavement, calling dijah that we needed to go home, and before i even dialled, she was already next to me. i was bleeding on my left knee. ouch!

i should have bergolek2 sambil mengerang kesakitan, agaknye camtu baru la orang sekeliling ni datang membantu. cett. ambulans pun banyak semalam. tapi, aku dengan rileknye bangun dan berjalan tahan sakit. pulak tu kena naik tangge plak nak keluar madinah hassan tu. skali jmpe dr. RABI. adeiiiiii. time2 ni lah nak jmpenye pun. we ended the conversation quickly, tahan teksi and balik rumah. the only thing i thought of - rumah depan ade first aid. walaupun kitorang dah melalui tawari2 (emergency). appoda...

so, balik tu una n ain of course were surprised like "what the hell happened?" membasuh luka itu adalah SANGAT SAKIT berbanding berjalan dengan luka fresh. insaf giler. i'd have to consider running on treadmill saje for the time being. atau stick to other indoor activities. but, i can walk like a normal person, alhamdulillah. but, this morning i think it's a bad wound and i need to get a propper dressing, so i went to markaz sihhi, and the doctor ordered and x-ray. wooooohooooo my first knee x-ray. just normal procedure. but everything was normal, but i need to go back to do my dressing tomorrow or after tomorrow. IODINE hurts! =P but at least she didnt use hydrogen peroxide. i saw an MA in hospital ipoh did a dressing on this uncle who had an accident, and it looks like it hurt like hell. aku pun dah terbayang2 dah kalau aku kena camne. (ever since that day, i pray i wont get in such accident)

so, i got my knee x-ray. maybe i'll put it up here, or if u're interested to see, why not come by csi and have a look. asik tgk CXR pun bosan gak kan. ha... i was like, "ustaz, (i addressed the pakcik from xray dept.) is this real size or takbir (enlarged). answer : this is not takbir au ta93'eer. this is the exact size. femur adalah besar, ok.

then, i asked the doc plak, "can u tell my bone density from an xray" answer: not really, but you can see here, the cortex (she showed me the outer layer - slightly denser.) and you can get some picture about calcium, ya3ni, a little bit. but this is good one.

dan mase nak x-ray tu, pakcik telah menjemput khadijah untuk masuk skali ke dlm bilik x-ray kerana katenye, kalau tak nnt dy berdua je dengan aku kat dalam tu. see, inilah yg kite mahukan. maksudnye, ada langkah2 mengikut syara3 dalam pekerjaan. tak termasuk lg kekaguman aku terhadap pekerja2 markaz sihhi yang rajin solat berjemaah, they DO and it was an awesome thing to see.

alhamdulillah 3la kulli 7aal.


Anonymous said...

syafakillah cik one..
hendaknya cepat sembuh eh..

nobo2 said...

sejak bile plak aku ngn ain ckp " what the hell is happened..? " apoda..itu ayt tiqah reka sendri ye..'no question about it'..tiqah mmg camtu..hoho..smoga cept sembuh ye..nti x boley melutut men monopoly~

one_munawwarah said...

anon : thanks

nobonobo (see,how i spell it): by the time for next week punye game, dah baik la kot inshalla. x pon kite main kat meja la.apoda..

ayat ko berupe, "tiqah.. tiqah...nape..? weh, tengok...tiqah luke weh..."

aku cume berekspressi. =P

Laila said...

hoho..luke pd lutut siap kene wat X-ray..lukenye sudah okkeh?harapnye begitu..

one_munawwarah said...

aisey..blom lg la lela.. T_T
still hv to go and redo the dressing. adei. adei