Sunday, July 26, 2009

there's only one yasmin ahmad

there's only one yasmin ahmad, and now she's gone.

(i'm feeling so sad, hati ini rasa berat macam terhempap dengan batu)

last night, i was on facebook, when i saw ustaz hasrizal's status about yasmin's death. i was totally shocked and googled. the news was true. i can't believe my eyes. i text my brother, "It's so hard to believe yasmin is gone" and he replied this morning, "pastu br le kjaan sibuk nk bagi datukship". i cursed silently, what datukship??? release all her banned films lah, what datuk2. let her piece be cherished by her open and intellectual fans.

the board owes me Muallaf.

when her movie Rabun was aired on TV i was so excited to watch. I really like her commercials and stuff. then comes Sepet, i was even more thrilled. a girl of my age, start dreaming of being an orked myself. I cherish the racial and religous difference. i dreamt of a Jason on my own. (oh, pembaca mula senyum sinis, kawan2 mula terkenang aku di sekolah menengah) life was a fairytale. i even tried to screen sepet in school, and i did. i told my teacher, "teacher, this movie is 70% English language" hehe. true lah.

i started to write love stories for my English essays. i reviewed SEPET for my english oral assesment. how's that? i wanted baju kurung cotton and wear hair scrunchy on my wrist. hahah. some people find it poyo, but i like it.

.orked & jason.
then comes Gubra and Mukhsin. for every birthday ever since Sepet, Kakak would give the DVDs of yasmin's movie. this year, i was hoping for muallaf + talentime (wonder if they released the DVD anyway) tayang pun tak lepas (muallaf) *update 2012 : I did get the Muallaf DVD on my 22nd birthday, 2011. from my sister, of course)

i grew up with her movies. despite all the things said about her. who ever had backbitten or said bad things bout her should've regretted. the only wrong thing about another person is the way you see them, so it's YOUR PROBLEM. correction is on you, not other people.

kalau ada orang confuse, tengok filem2 yasmin, fikir pula orang yang mendapat kefahaman lebih dari sedia kala dek kerana kekeliruan itu. her movies were made to make the audience think. none of her movies ever fooled the audience or herself. i dont find anything intellectual nor amusing in a movie that revolves around people from certain states of malaysia who cares only about mengumpat orang. we got the point, jangan mengumpat, or is the director trying to say, "look, people from this particular state loves lotsa jewelleries + mengumpat". it is so freaking annoying.

in these days, where people are too obsessed with hedonisme, amongst the best way to educate the society is via the entertainment itself. we're in need of more directors who actually CARE and WANTs to change or bring the best out of the society, not nurturing them to become more and more stupid by days. we HAD enough morons, i tell u.

i'd love to babble some more but, i need to stop.
there's only one yasmin ahmad and she's gone. al-fatihah.
by reading my comment, some might even judge me with what-so-ever judgement they want. and i'm fine with it, cuz i am who i am, and not who you think i am. You're not neccessarily a good singer, just because you adore one.


Anonymous said...

tsk tsk *sambil clapping hands*
good one, one.

yasmin ahmad was and always will be the best.

the other yasmin's fan.

one_munawwarah said...

when i saw it's an anonymous, i was like (ha...ade org nak marah ke ni) huhu. thanks!

she was and always will be.

laila said...

tibe2 aku terkenangkan 'Jason'mu..hahahha..
i dengar Yasmin was died terus i teringat kat u one..
i noe u like her stories so much..

one_munawwarah said...

now she even reminded my friends of me.

tsk tsk.

'Jason'ku?? hahah. we're trying to avoid as much gossip as possible ok in onebonez. haha

even teacher started to be suspicious when i wrote my version of sepet. adoi. man, those were the days and thanks cuz u made the experience even better

dan waniha juga!