Sunday, July 26, 2009

the wedding ring issue

it annoys me like crazy seeing a married man taking his wedding ring on and off his finger. really, it does. no need to mention where such a scene is seen. the thing is, when i see a guy not being comfortable with his ring, (particularly his wedding band) i'd go "he must have had an argument with his wife today or he's not happy with his wedding". me and my observing, super judgemental mind. and when i see a person who usually wear his ring, didn't wear it, i'd go, "OMG, he's getting a divorce!"

keypohchee lah u. i dont know why, but that's my perception. cuz, it's your WEDDING RING. yea, it's not the ring that binds two people together, but it DOES MEAN something. same thing applies to the ladies, except for those who got fat, and the ring doesn't fit anymore - put it on your necklace or something.
if i were to choose a ring for my loved ones, it would be something chosen by heart. something that will remind him of my presence even though i'm not around. you dont have to appreciate the ring because it's an expensive one or looks good on you, what matter most is, it was chosen for you, with love and hope, and most of all, it is from someone whom you love.

if you dont think you can wear the ring, tell your future spouses; "i dont wear ring, but this bond, and you will always be in my heart, i dont need a ring to remind me of your presence" nah. there it goes your lesson for today.
immunology sunday, July 26th. start je lecture, i thought of what am i going to say for my presentation. i volunteered to give a presentation, and Dr. Yousuff appointed "Diabetes in Malaysia" for me. just thinking about what am i going to talk about this thursday causes palpitation and tachycardia. my heart rate shoots up all the way to 100++ per minute. and it didn't stop even after the class and the tremors were getting more n more severe (perhaps cuz i didnt eat enough too). there's likelihood i might die of heart attack or collapse or my heart might explode on thursday. hahah. so, if this is my last post, mintak maaf hujung rambut ke hujung kaki serta terima kasih for everything lah ye! wish me luck.
i used to do public speaking back in high school, but that was then. and that is only once a year, and the gemuruh comes everytime. but this time, it's like the most mendebarkan ever. Ea Rabb b3eeeen.


kilah said...

msia tkde wedding band pn ekceli..
tp,it's nice to have wedding band kan..
wedding band,mcm awak katalah..reflect kita commit dgn org,mengaku dn bertanggungjawab..hahahha..melalut

one_munawwarah said...

i'll definitely get him one.