Tuesday, August 11, 2009

talEntime : a mix of a little everything

just finished watching TALENTIME. dah ada kat youtube, ok. i cried anyway, if u're wondering.

it was aneh at first to see an indian-Malay couple (melor and mahesh) and it was somehow tormenting to see mahesh are technically deaf.

muhsin (shafie naswip) was hawtt! if i were to attend his school, i would surely drool all over him ;-) . too bad he's too young. hah. he's cute and made his own song, plays guitar - how cool can that be, (i mean, for people of my age ;P) im referring to his character, hafiz though.

well-knead movie. u know yasmin and how she triggers her audience to think. nicely done.

it was about Melor and Mahesh, about cikgu Tan and cikgu anuar (i think) , cikgu adibah some more, about cik embun and ismail, about uncle ganesh and his muslim lover as well. about mei ling and datin kosong (kalsom) hahah. too bad i didnt understand some chinese, tamil speaking part and everytime they use signs language.

cik embun, (hafiz's mom) had this brain tumor, so she stays in hospital for chemo. and ismail (Jit Murad) would come to her room and keep her company most of the time. the first time he came, he asked cik embun "dah solat?" then cik embun was like, "belum" and he said "tak apa, banyak lagi masa..." . i note that this is reality, i guess she's trying to make it a point, no matter how sick you are, you still have to pray. and you dont have to be all hard and commando-like to approach a sick person and convinced him/her to pray. and it was cute when Jit says, "saya tak sakit, saja buat muka sakit supaya awak tak rasa awak sorang je sakit" adorable i must say!
and of course we can see yasmin potrays her parents relationship in melor's parents act. they use the same home for sepet n gubra if im not mistaken.
the family has a chinese house-help, mei ling. she's a muslim by the way. yasmin opened the audience mind with Datin Kalsum not being able to accept the fact that they hire a chinese to cook and stuff. so, they told her that mei ling is a muslim, and she was like, "why is she still called mei ling??" and melati answered "because dia masuk islam, not malay. not even arabs" strike one! it's all about our stereotype attitude.
Mahesh's uncle, Ganesh was once in love with an india-muslim girl. but mahesh's mom was against it cuz she THINKS that she's going to lose her brother if she let him marry her. after so many years ganesh was about to marry an indian girl, but he died in an accident. and, he was hit by india-muslim driver (i assume, cuz amma keep saying THEY). so, she thinks that the girl family still has it for him. but bhanavi (jac) revealed ganesh's email to mahesh on how he felt even after the parting. it is a must for us to understand that non-muslim doesn't have a clear picture of this deen, so it's OUR job to make things clear for them.
and one for AF critics, "pitching nina simone pun tak adalah always perfect. it's not about perfect pitching anyway" lebih kurang camtulah kata cikgu adibah. aku tak leh terima doc yg rawat mak hafiz tu, ATTITUDE PROBLEM lah kau.
of course it's full of funny parts as well. the songs were beautifully selected. i love them all. i thought shafie sang himself cuz i heard few versions by aizat, live - horrible. and atilia's was awesome too. just one boy - superb! slightly sengau kot.huhu. could it be maaaagic... giggles.
i dont wanna spoil it for u. have fun and selamat menonton! tengok sambil berfikir ye, jangan cari point nk kritik je. :P


kilah said...

review separuh jalan..
nk tgk lah..
ada iklan yasmin ahmad yg bru sedih jugak..tp,akak tk tgk lagi
kak farah menangis tgk..haha

one_munawwarah said...

nk tengok nk tengok!
nnt dah jmpe gitau eh...
review stgh jalan lambang dah penat nk tulis pjg2...hihi

imah said...

terima kasih kerana motivate saya utk memandang sesuatu secara positif...hoye2! (^-^)

Laila said...

sy tgah mendownload ini ceritera...