Sunday, August 30, 2009

lagi review pizza Forno

so last nite after tarawih, we drop by pizza forno (it was on our way home, bukan pergi merayap,oke) and ask if they have the pasta or not. FYI, i have been ulang-alik asking for the spaghetti since day one diorang operate lagi. then the pakcik says ada, so we all went home and bsiap2 dan membawa wang mencukupi lalu meng-order ramadhan special, satu super supreme + satu spaghetti. we thought of having penne arabiata - xde.
new box - waaaaaay better than the one they use earlier.
super supreme - i have to say, forno's pizza is better than italian. sangat ikhlas cheese oke.
here comes the spaghetti. unfortunately, the girls doesn't approve it as good spaghetti. the one in pizza hut - before this were better. i think hakoura's spaghetti is the best so far. i mean, in share3 jame3a of course. somehow, i kinda like it cuz the taste seems so familiar, yet i cant recall from where. the girls think it taste like maggi tomyam/mi hailam ---> dahsyat sangat description ni. not up to expectation but, ok lah.
the salad. coleslaw was good. i wasn't expecting this in the first place. but to my surprise, it tasted better even than those in italiano or pizza, or jordan's KFC of course. (i went to jordan KFC once in my early days in irbid, and that WAS IT. sangat mengecewakan that you dont even wanna come back.)
you should try if you have not been in forno before. for ramadhan special, u'll also get a pepsi + water.
still packing my things - susah giler.. tak tahu nak mula dan berakhir di mana. haha. dan tengah praktis tengok langit warna apa time subuh. departing at 3 something, yet will be leaving irbid by 10 am.
gonna miss my evening walk.
gonna miss my nights in csi.
yet it's the absence that makes heart grows fonder.
ps: i'm super duper nervous about going home. cant believe im having this feeling. LOL. hello again, the longest 8 hours of my life BAHRAIN-KUL.

sini untuk forno pizza review
sini untuk forno pizza : a re-review
pps: eh, nak musafir ni...aku mintak maaf lah semua ya dengan sepenuh jiwa. halalkan makan minum. jumpa lagi insyaAllah tahun yang baru (hopefully). do miss me. =) take care, love ya!

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Adry said...

salam.. wah.. sedapnya pizza.. nyum nyum!